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School management system

iSchool Foundation

With a vision that e-learning is the future of education, iSchool software and school management system was founded in 2014 providing an easy and effective way to understand the power of professional software development in the field of education. We take a massive amount of pride in the level of consistency that we can provide at every turn, always looking to offer a service that really fits and tallies in well with the needs of our clients.   With a bespoke system that is designed to offer an easy and effective approach into school management, iSchool helps students, parents, teachers and school administrations alike, delivering a vastly powerful resource that all parties can use and benefit from. This is managed in a manner that allows for simplistic understanding and appreciation of the problems facing our clients. We understand the daily struggles that face those involved in the educational system, and that is why our systems are so refined to address such challenges and clear them up with ease. Relying on our professional and smart team, we make sure that our clients receive all the help that they need to become more comfortable and secure.

      School management system

      iSchool Today

      Having set a foot in the field, our business model proceeds with its simple operational strategy that ensures clients’ satisfaction with the solution that delivers their needs. We do our best to stay away from stereotypical or clichéd solutions. Instead, we ratify everything to guarantee business operation in the best way possible. This has led to the creation of our system – an effective tool that simplifies education management and makes it more enjoyable than it’s ever been. Today, we are proud to witness iSchool’s steps as one of the leading school management systems in Egypt. Schools nowadays are moving into a new digital era, and iSchool is the perfect way to start entering the digital competition with grace, charm and intelligence. We are here to offer easy access to the digital universe, in order to help our clients in understanding that an online software plan for a school goes far. We start today, with a vision for a better tomorrow.

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      About Informatics


      Since our foundation, Simple Informatics has had one clear mission – to deliver the best possible value to our customers. Yet, we look deeper into this value. We look to the design, develop, implement, and maintain the highest quality of solutions, sparing our clients the need to get involved. This allows for a more hands-free style of marketing to come across, making sure that our digital solutions are professionally driven and effective. We take great pride in being able to offer a service that adequately captures and aligns with the businesses that we will be working with. This means that we seek to find the problems that the business has so that we can deliver intelligent solutions which to effectively deal with the problem.


      iSchool Key Points

      All of services are tailor-made to your specific school structure and compliant with international education institutes.


      Providing a steady connection between students, parents and school administrations


      Strengthening communication between parents, school, and community


      Enabling you to keep track of your school and student records


      Providing a 24/7 customer support and periodic maintenance visits to school


      Supplying statistical information that is unattainable by simple tools


      Offering advanced supervision, management, and communication tools for a smart, organized workflow

      iSchool Timeline

      Plentiful yet Simple

      Novamber 2014

      iSchool was born

      April 2015

      iSchool system was implemented

      In Riada Language School

      December 2015

      iSchool established

      work at Pioneers International School

      Our Talented Team members

      Gathered by a unified goal to build a better today for educators and a better tomorrow for students, our team encompasses a group of talented and passionate individuals who do their best to deliver the most competent service that guarantees client satisfaction.