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Fundamental game changer in student administration and learning management

Our business model is built on a simple operational strategy that ensures clients’ satisfaction with the solution that delivers their needs. We do our best to stay away from stereotypical or clichéd solutions. Instead, we ratify everything to guarantee business operation in the best way possible

Technology with a purpose.

One purpose – For the finest education practice

Save Time

Make the most out of our smart, well-managed, and time-saving cloud computing system for your organization.

Boost Workflow

Benefit from our intelligent and perfectly-controlled communication tools for improved workflow and productivity for students and staff alike.

Stay Protected

Make sure you are protected with our 100% secured environment ensuring long-term safety for students, teachers, and school administrations.

    Improve Analysis

    Enhance analyzing techniques for all aspects from teaching performance stats to student attendance with the best control and organization.

    Develop Constantly

    Keep up with the never-ending student and teacher development with our up-to-date innovation methods, that grant students a better learning experience and give teachers a much greater grasp on the class as a whole.

    Be Comfortable

    Take advantage of our entirely paperless practice, with user-friendly online storage for everything, always ready for easy access.

    Helping You Do What You Do Best – Better

    School Management Software with emphasis on end user delight.

    Its all that matters, when you are happy.

    One platform. Hundreds of features. Thousands of insights.

    Simple yet Extensive

    News & Announcements

    Delivering news and announcements easily between the school administration and its teachers, parents, and student bodies.

    Timetable & Virtual Classroom

    Ensure effective education and school efficiency through individual class and teacher timetables. And enable better learning through fully interactive live video conferencing sessions with seamless mutual communication, questions, activities, and file sharing.


    A system to sort out attendance sheets and enable alarms to notify students who fall back in their attendance.

    Prospective Students Admission

    This feature ensures a completely secure, systematic and painless admission process, through fully automated methodology using artificial intelligence.

    Class Wall

    A private social network for each classroom in the school with a wall feed for parents, teachers and students to guarantee smooth operation.

    Questions Bank

    A tool for teachers to build an organized database of questions to be used for automated online tests, quizzes, homework, or just for students’ practice.


    Statistically displaying data and generating monthly and quarterly report cards, through a systemized evaluation that efficiently indicates student performance throughout the year.

    Technical Support & Development

    Got a question? You can reach us anytime! We offer 24/7 remote technical support and scheduled visits.


    Easy access to advanced assignment plans, simplifying sending and collecting assignments and more.

    Cloud Drive

    Providing updated and categorized albums with unlimited documentation, tuition videos, and archived virtual lessons for easy catching up.

    Transportation Management

    Enabling easy management of transportation operations completely online including: assigning students to buses, tracking bus routes, notifying parents about bus pick-up or drop-off times, and more.

    Setup Training Session

    Training sessions for each school division in order to help and guide the school through a smooth transition process with full technical consultancy and scheduled visits.


    A comprehensive chatting messenger system that ensures effortless communication between the school, parents, and students through texting and voice messages.

    Media Center

    Easy sorting and management of an up-to-date collection of photos, videos and coverage materials for school events, grounds, facilities and more.

    School’s Mobile Application

    Creating mobile phone applications under the school’s name and logo, with Android and iOS devices compatibility, so students, parents, and teachers can stay updated with school management announcements.

    I have information I would like to import – is that possible?

    Yes, it is. All you need to do to upload information is to use our Excel template, provided here. This allows you to easily update and organize your data for automated uploading.

    How is data secured?

    We secure all data by using a full Disaster Recovery team, as well as using load balancers in major data centers to keep data safe and up-to-date. Should any problems arise, we can recover data through our incremental backups.

    Is support provided?

    Yes, we provide personalized support through technical and logical assistance. For standard communication, please email us at: info@ischooleg.com and we will respond to your message as soon as possible. For faster response, call us on:+201277725552

    Is coaching provided?

    Yes, we are happy to show you how to use the iSchool interface. It’s very easy to use and we do provide ample training resources and materials to learn from. If you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to let us know and we can see what solutions we can offer.

    We don’t have a website of our own – can you help?

    Yes, we would love to. We offer web designing services to ensure that you have the perfect website to be easily managed and suitable for iSchool management and technicalities.

    What is the cancellation process?

    At iSchool, we have one simple aim – to make life easy. We never make you sign up or lock you into the process, so you can leave our school management program at any point.

    If I do leave, where does my data go?

    We’ll provide you with a full exportation of all your data – we tend to do using a Microsoft Excel .csv file, but please let us know if you have another preference.

    Are you looking for help?

    All customers get free world-class support from the friendliest and most responsive customer engagement team in the industry. CONTACT US